(My) 15 Years Of Twitter

37.000 followers and 71.000 tweets later, Twitter reminded me today it was my 15th anniversary on the platform.

Twitter, my original social media love, and the social media platform that has given me so much:

  • I found the initial community for Netokracija on Twitter among geeks, regional bloggers, digital marketing professionals, and founders of the earliest Croatian startups;
  • In fact, I believe I actually got to know two of my business partners and best friends at Netokracija, @cyberkoza & @markomudrinic on Twitter;
  • My first workshop was actually the first workshop about using Twitter for business in the Balkans - Tweetokracija, which I organized with Blogowski and was attended by marketing managers from brands such as HBO, Allianz, T-Mobile, A1...
Packed for the first Tweetokracija (Photo by Marina Filipovic Marinshe)
  • Being featured as part of an editorial 'We're Twitter users, the smallest but the most powerful community on the Internet' in the Croatian weekly Globus (Web Archive);
  • Built my career as a community manager, tweeting for the first group buying website in Southeastern Europe Kolektiva, founded by Jeffrey Treichel and Martina Usmiani;
  • Being invited to great events as part of my Twitter presence, including an European Union influencer meetup organized by the EU Parliament;
  • After burning out from tweeting almost every day for years, I was off the platform for... well - years - I'm now back tweeting at @ivanbrezakbrkan focused on the core Croatian tech Twitter community and the international Dev, writer, and Web3 communities;
  • Organized over 20 editions of the largest Twitter meetups in Croatia and the region - #TweetupZG including:
  • A wine tweetup with the County of Zagreb to promote the wines of the region with the focus on the wines of Mladina cellars;
  • The first elections for President of Twitter in Croatia in 2015!
Tweeps and our partners from Zagrebačka banka (Photo by Mario Poje)
Luka and Željko as the final candidates (Photo by Mario Poje)
An happy electorate (Photo by Mario Poje)

Check out even more photos from the Twitter election at Mario Poje's website.

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