About Ivan

Founder of Netokracija

At the age of 22 I founded Netokracija, a tech magazine that Techcrunch itself has called the "Techcrunch of the Balkans", with offices in Zagreb (Croatia) and Belgrade (Serbia). I've been fortunate enough to chronicle and support the unbelievable growth of the tech sector across the region, including:

I started Netokracija after realizing that I was a far better writer than a web designer in high school (My layouts were always one pixel off) At various tech meetups at the time, I was the guy who understood the technology better than most journalists but also wrote far better than most engineers.

My role in the ecosystem became obvious and so did Netokracija's.

Netokracija's Croatian team (Photo by Mario Poje)

Besides the best tech journalism in this part of Europe, my team and I established a bootstrapped, profitable and independent business that has partnered with organizations such as Mastercard, Deutsche Telekom, Phillip Morris International, Microsoft, PayPal, the European Union, and many more.

In partnership with them, we pioneered native advertising as well as employer branding through great content in the region, while keeping the highest standards of independent journalism.

Engineer's Editor

After receiving a request from my long-time friend Nikola to organize a workshop about writing at the largest community tech conference in Croatia, Webcamp Zagreb, and getting great feedback - I realized I could help engineers - and whole engineering teams write - and publish in order to help them:

  • Attract talent through employer branding;
  • Reach out to the developer community through devrel;
  • Promote to potential clients through content marketing.

I started organizing writing workshops for engineering teams for companies such as Photomath, an Edutech scaleup whose app has been downloaded over 250 million times as well as Sofa Score, the world-leading sports data company with 20 million daily users!

Some projects were even more challenging: As editor, I facilitated the team of Croatia's first unicorn Infobip to launch their Engineering Handbook. It was the right way to share the culture and processes of their 900-strong engineering department!

Once A Digital Strategist & Blogger Without A Blog, Always...

Before becoming the Engineer's Editor and even before Netokracija (ok, sometimes at the same time as Netokracija), I worked as a digital and social media strategist banks (Raiffeisen bank, Croatian Postal Bank), telecoms (A1 telecom, Bonbon by Deutsche Telekom) and even beauty brands (Loreal).


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