How We Built The Largest Tech Blog In The Balkans - on WordPress

For those that wanted to know Netokracija's origin story - but are also kinda interested in WordPress as the world's most popular content management system - do I have a video for you!

I had the pleasure of talking about how we built the largest tech blog in the Balkans with WordPress at the Wordcamp Zagreb conference, organised by a great local team including the Blagonic brothers.

Myself and Nikola (Zwei) in the lower left (Photo by Carlos Lucero)

Some of the more interesting points in the talk:

  • How WordPress provided a great platform, but also proved customizable when the project grew;
  • How Netokracija’s team based in 3 cities manages their editorial process to create outstanding content;
  • How Netokracija's business model evolved over the years - and how WordPress supported it;
  • What other content creators can learn from the evolution of the project over the past (at the time) 8 years.

A Writing Workshop With My Mom

The best part of the conference wasn't the talk, but the chance to be a guest lecturer at my mom's workshop on 'Lijepo pisanje' (Beautiful writing) that was also part of the schedule. This workshop was actually one of the things that inspired my own writing workshops!

Watch my whole talk at

Ivan Brezak Brkan: How We Built The Largest Tech Blog in The Balkans (With WordPress)
Since its launch in 2009., Netokracija has become “The Techcrunch of the Balkans” – according to Techcrunch itself – the largest tech and business blog in the region built entirely with enthusiasm …
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