'Developers Hate Marketing', A Conversation With Ivan Burazin

Weekend Media Festival is the largest marketing conference in Southeastern Europe so I found it hilarious to host a conversation about devrel, specifically how developers hate traditional marketing, with my good friend and Infobip Chief Developer Experience Officer Ivan Burazin.

Croatia's first unicorn company, Infobip, acquired Ivan's developer conference series Shift as part of a larger effort to attract developer partners for their CPaaS platform. We actually broke the story on Netokracija in April.

Devrel or developer relations - marketing to developer partners - is a topic close to my heart since developers are a core part of our audience at Netokracija. Thus we need to appeal to them as readers, whether through interesting stories or even employer branding projects.

Developers are not an easy audience, but they are a great one when you know how to reach them, something I find easier thanks to now decades of being close to the developer community, speaking at dev conferences like Webcamp Zagreb and Shift, and even my failed effort to learn to code PHP. Don't ask, long story.

Read more about our conversation on developer marketing (in Croatian) at Netokracija:

Marketing ne pali na developerima. Kako im onda ipak nešto promovirati? Zna Ivan Burazin!
Tvrtke koje prodaju tehnološke proizvode čija su ciljana publika developeri trebaju drugačiji marketing - developeri su alergični na muljanje i ne slušaju kad im se pokušava nešto prodati. Ali, ako im pomognu da riješe problem ili ih nešto nauče, na dobrom su putu!
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