Photomath Has 250 Million Downloads And Now - It Will Have An Engineering Blog

I met Damir Sabol as the founder of Iskon, the first independent Croatian ISP. While it was obvious he knew what he was doing, I didn't expect him to start not one but two more successful technology companies:

  • Microblink - which raised 60 million dollars in 2020. which we wrote about exclusively on Netokracija;
  • Its spinoff, a math-solving mobile app called Photomath, has been downloaded more than 250 million times and also raised capital from Silicon Valley edtech investors.
Photo by Mario Poje

Engineering Blog for Global Recruiting

So it was exciting when Photomath's Head of Engineering Marko Velić and Employer Brand Manager Jelena Jelušić tasked me to help them launch their engineering blog. Its goal is to share knowledge and help Photomath recruit the best talent both in Croatia, US, and other markets.

Photo by Mario Poje

The challenge? Getting content from busy engineers of course. Thankfully, my Writing for Engineers workshops have been engineered (ha!) to help not just educate but also facilitate engineers to write better - and finally publish.

The first workshop hosted a dozen Photomath engineers and resulted in exactly as many high-quality posts for Photomath's Engineering blog, including one about how Node.js was killing polar bears. Wait, what? You'll have to wait and read the blog!

Photo by Mario Poje

If you want to get to know the details about Photomath, but also Damir's career so far, I'd recommend the podcast we recorded:

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