The 1st Real Podcast Panel In Croatia

I've been listening to podcasts for more than a decade (I think my first podcast was This Week in Tech) and have now hosted two: Blockchain from the Block and Netokracija Podcast.

The podcast was hosted at RTL's Digital Shapers conference and I had the pleasure of taking part in a discussion with:

  • Maša Zibar, popular YouTuber with over 85.000 subscribers that co-hosts the podcast;
  • Saša Tenodi, co-host of the long-running Surove Strasti podcast with already over 150 episodes.
Photo by: Marko Todorov (Cropix)

While podcasting as a format exploded around the world, it only recently became popular in Croatia and the region so some of the user behavior is different than other markets. For example, a "podcast" isn't defined as an audio format. In Croatia, Serbia, and other countries, a podcast is a "talk show", thanks in a large part to:

  1. Most podcasts are based on interviews of guests;
  2. Most listeners discover the format through YouTube - as a video, not just an audio format.
Photo by: Marko Todorov (Cropix)

Because of this, a lot of local "podcasts" are available only on YouTube, which frustrates me to no end. Read about all this and other insights into podcasting in Croatia and the region at Netokracija:

3 strane hrvatskog podcast novčića: mediji, influenceri i freelanceri?
Podcast u Hrvatskoj nije više neka novost, ali kao i sve što kupimo sa Zapada, sporo ga prihvaćamo. Nedostaje publike, podcastera pa i oglašivača koji bi stvarali domaću podcast scenu, ipak, čini se da za podcast u regiji ima nade. Nešto se pojavljuje na obzoru… Što to, otkrila sam na Prvom pravom p…

If you want to discover even more Croatian podcasts, check out Netokracija's BIG podcast guide (yeah, it features even podcasts that are only available on YouTube, ugh - had to let that one go).

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