Speaking & Moderating At Top Tech Events

I love speaking at events and I always customize the talk to your event, topic and audience. Sometimes, I even create a completely new talk.

That said:

  • Conferences: Travel expenses and speaking fee depending on size of conference (e.g. is it a commercial or community event)
  • Brand events: Speaking fee and travel expenses
  • Student events: I'll do it for free gladly, just cover the travel expenses

Experience with events

Ivan did everything a moderator needs to do: Prepared for the topic, briefed the panelists all while asking the right person the right question in the right moment! Ivan helped us create the scenario of the panel even before the event and established an atmosphere at the panel for all the panelists to shine! He has a great combination of complete professionalism and human warmth!

Ana Subašić, Marketing Manager at Mastercard

Ivan is a person who makes your event not just a well hosted one, but no matter how many people you have, when he takes the stage, he makes everyone feel at home and relaxed. That way, he manages to set up a right mood for information sharing and participation. You get well.

Ida Pandur, CX Leader at EY

t was worth waiting a couple of years to match the dates. Ivan was part of the 5th edition of the AllWeb Digital Marketing Conference in Skopje and he rocked the stage. He has a great passion for the topics he speaks about and real in-depth practical knowledge. The energy he transfer to the audience is really special and I'd really recommend him any event that needs quality content.

Darko Buldioski, Founder at AllWeb conference

As a moderator Ivan recognizes opportunities in every topic and uses his experience to get the most interesting information from the panelists, making the topics interesting and useful to everyone in the audience

Fran Mubrin, Organizer of MOP Meetups

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