How Can I Help?

Content For Your Tech Company

From helping Microsoft with its WinDays conference content portal back in 2009. to helping 900+ engineer strong technology companies like Infobip and Photomath today, I can definitely help facilitate content for a developer or tech audience.

Instead of writing on your behalf, instead of setting up a strategy that your agency won't be able to authentically fulfill - there's a better way. I use my proven workshops to help your team learn and continue creating great content for developer relations, employer branding, and content marketing:

I’m a tech editor, writer and educator who helps founders, CTOs and their engineering teams tell their stories through good #devrel, #employerbranding and #thoughtleadership content...

Speaking Or Moderating At Your Event

With experience speaking as well as moderating panels numerous international technology and business conferences like How to Web and Weekend Media Festival, as well as internal events for organizations like Mastercard, American Express and the European Union, I can help with your next event.

Check out my speaking page where you'll find a list of previous speaking engagements:

Speaking & Moderating At Top Tech Events
I love speaking at events and I always customize the talk to your event, topic and audience. Sometimes, I even create a completely new talk. That said: Conferences: Travel expenses and speaking fee depending on size of conference (e.g. is it a commercial or community event)Brand events: Speaking

Pitch A Story For Netokracija

Feel free to reach out directly to my editorial team at Netokracija, who will then assess if your story is interesting to be covered. We definitely prefer exclusives and won't publish press releases.

Kontaktirajte nas - Netokracija
Imate zanimljivu priču, nešto vas zanima ili se želite oglašavati na Netokraciji?

Hiring Me As A Social Media Influencer

I have over 35.000 followers across Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram so from time to time I work with brands to promote their products, that I think offer value to my audiences, such as Mastercard's initiative to support small businesses (Uplift) or Samsung's new mobile gaming initiative.

It's always based on my belief in transparent, native brand content that we've successfully used at Netokracija. If that works for you, feel free to contact me for a partnership and check my influencer portfolio:

Brand Partnerships
I’m a tech editor, writer and educator who helps founders, CTOs and their engineering teams tell their stories through good #devrel, #employerbranding and #thoughtleadership content...
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