Was Netokracija Well Wounded? Well...

Ivan Brezak Brkan 1 min read

...if we judge by my guest apperance on the Well Founded podcast, it just might have been.

The podcast was started by one of the most active associations in the Croatian startup community, the Croatian Independent Software Exporters - CISEX and the recently founded Cro Startup association.

The hosts are also well known in the community: Ivan Voras as the co-host of one of the most popular podcasts in Croatia - Surove Strasti, and Davor Runje as the founder of the digital agency DRAP and the AI startup Airt.

Well Founded Podcast | a podcast by Croatian Startup Assoc. & Croatian Software Exporters Assoc.
A podcast by the Croatian Startup Assoc. ( & Croatian Independent Software Exporters Assoc. ( - mostly in the Croatian language.

Another episode you might like (I did) was on the topic of open source business models with WASP Lang's Matija Šošić and Memgraph's Dominik Tomičević.

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